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SaRang Community Church


SaRang Community Church was founded in 1978. Ever since then, God has enabled us to minister with the sensitivity to the changing times and serve His people. Our membership includes 9,000 children, 31,000 young adults, and 40.000 adults. Since the church is an assembly of people who have been called out from the world as well as sent into the world, we put our efforts into reaching out beyond the local church and serving the churches of Korea and the world. 

Fulfilling the call of interceding for this nation, our church is building up a stronghold of prayer to be ready for the future of Korean churches and the nation. We also pray that the Lord graciously bless us with a new facility for worship, education, social services, and missions. The 80,000 believers of SaRang Community Church gladly accept God's training to become a mature church. We will be witnesses to the world and worshipers of God and we will fulfill the vision of Green Spirituality' which gives vitality to this world through the power of the gospel. 

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About the Pastor
Oh Jung Hyun

Oh Jung Hyun
He established NamGaJoo Sarang Church on the belief that if just over 10% of immigrants' churches change, then the world evangelism is possible and that if 12 holy people gather together, then they can change one country. He emphasized the fact that 23 eager young men succeeded in the communism revolution in China.

He was born in 1956. His home town is Eusung in Kyung Book province. His father was a pastor. His family had been a Christian family for fourth generations. He inherited his ancestors' Christianity. He led very well the university students' group at NaeSooDong church in the 1970s. He was an excellent and great leader at that time. After that he entered ChongShin graduate school. While he was still at the school, he went to the USA to do further study. He studied at Talbot seminary and Calvin seminary. He was recommended to establish a church by Rev. Ok. The church was for the worship of, teaching and social gathering of Korean immigrants in the USA. The church has been growing incredibly fast and it has become the most healthy church in the USA among immigrants' churches. It is a miracle.

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