Manmin Central Church

Manmin Central Church

Seoul, Korea

"Manmin" means "All Creation."

...offered to God its opening service with 13 people on July 25, 1982 under the scorching sun of summer. On October 10 of that year, when all kinds of cereal ripened, Manmin offered to God its "Founding Service" with 100 members. By October 2011, Manmin has grown to a 120,000-strong congregation with approximately 9,000 branch and associative churches all around the globe. Manmin has experienced such an astounding and rapid growth only in 30 years because, amidst God's abundant blessings, there are always the messages of life proclaimed by Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, marvelous manifestations of the fiery works of the Holy Spirit, and the unceasing prayer of its members.

In accordance with the will of God who "desires all men to be saved," brothers and sisters in Christ at Manmin will be charging forward with the Gospel in their hands until the day of Our Lord's return.

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About the Pastor
Jaerock Lee

Jaerock Lee
Dr. Jaerock Lee has been taking the lead not only in domestic mission works but also in world mission, conducting many mega-size crusades in and out of Korea to have become known as a worldwide and powerful revivalist. He has conducted united crusades in New York City, Washington D.C., Baltimore, L.A., Hawaii of the United States; in Ida, Nagoya, and Shinshu of Japan; Pakistan, the Philippines, and India of Asia; in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and Democratic Republic of Congo of Africa; in Russia, Germany, and Estonia of Europe; in Argentina, Honduras, and Peru of Latin America; and in Israel.

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