The Worship Center Christian Church

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The Worship Center Christian Church

About the Church

The purpose of the HUB is to meet the needs of our members, the community, even the world by providing direction and applicable teachings from the Word of God. Our goal is to Honor God by changing lives. How will we do this? By offering relevant teachings for the family, eradicating homelessness, providing a safe place for kids so that becoming a part of gangs or hanging out in the streets is less desirable, showing teen moms that they are loved and how to love, ministering in prisons and providing second chances for those released, and stressing the importance of staying in school and the benefits of furthering education.

Service Times (all times Eastern)
  • 8:45 AM on Sundays
  • 7:00 PM on Wednesdays

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About the Pastor
Vanable H. Moody II

Vanable H. Moody II
Some know him as “Pastor Van.” Others simply call him “Pas.” At The Worship Center Christian Church in Birmingham, AL, apart from the title he carries, he is known and respected as the Founder and Senior Pastor. Since his days of youth, he has been ministering to those near and far. His voice has been heard around the world including, but not limited to: The 30th Anniversary of the March on Washington, “The Decade to Overcome Violence” Conference of the World Council of Churches in Berlin, Germany, with the late Pope John Paul II and his Pontifical Council in Rome, Italy, and at the Love Fellowship Tabernacle in Capetown, South Africa alongside Bishop Hezekiah Walker. Also, as a part of Dr. John Maxwell’s leadership organization, EQUIP, Pastor Van serves as a Trainer in Tokyo, Japan.

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