Jiguchon (Global Mission Church)

Jiguchon (Global Mission Church)

Boondahng, Korea

Jiguchon church strives to increase the number of saved people everyday by using thorough Bible education, gospel evangelization training, and mission s training. Jiguchon church will continually work to raise up disciples of Jesus Christ within a thriving, dynamic, growing church community to realize the mission for world evangelization.

Training and teaching the community the Word of God: 
The biggest weakness in the modern church is the ignorance of God's Word. Our church seeks to provide thorough Bible training for Christian members so they can have full confidence in the Word and build their lives upon it. 

Transforming families and society through Healing:
The Korean churches' biggest dilemma is that people can't link church on Sundays with work through the weekdays. Another vision of ours is to heal Christian wounds as they struggle against sin and darkness at home and society, in order to present them as servants of the light.

A Vision for Future leaders within the community: 
Today's youths are wandering around institutes, streets, and works. The church without the youth is a church without a future. Our church has devoted itself to evangelize the youth, our future heroes.

A Mission-focused community:
Mission is not an accessory of the church services, but the reason for the church's existence. The growth of the church depends upon serving and opening ourselves to our neighbors. Our church will put all its efforts into obeying the Lord's Great Commission.

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About the Pastor
Peter (Jae Hyuk) Chin

Peter (Jae Hyuk) Chin
Dr. Peter Chin is using his leadership to bring the reign of the Kingdom of God to earth with powerful messages, servant-hood, collaborating and networking with other Christian leaders.

His ministry priority stems out of his vision and passion to lead people to Christ and provide them with healthy leadership. Dr. Chin continues to strive to imitate the leadership of Jesus Christ to challenge Christian leaders, not only in Korea, but also all over the world.

Dr. Chin started his ministry as an intern Pastor in Washington Global Mission Church. He later moved to LA Yongnak Church as a mission Pastor and education Pastor. Afterward, in response to God's calling, he went to Kenya, Africa as a missionary for three years. There he founded the Nairobi International Mission Church and also served as head professor at Nairobi International School of Theology. From there, he returned to Korea for a couple years to lead the Global English and International Department at Global Mission Church. He then received a call back to the States to serve as head Pastor of New Vision Church which experienced explosive growth and became the largest Korean church in northern California and one of the largest Korean Baptist churches in North America over the course of his stay.

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