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Franklin Ave. Baptist Ch.

About the Church

The mission of FABC is "To Exalt the Savior", "Equip the Saints", and "Evangelize the Sinner"!

Current Local Time

Service Times


  • Sundays 7:30am
  • Sundays 10:30am
  • Wednesdays 11:00am
  • Wednesdays 6:00pm [Intercessory Prayer]
  • Wednesdays 6:30pm

About the Pastor
Fred Luter

Fred Luter
He is a man to whom God has given a vision. A man who truly loves God and loves to do God's work. "I love preaching and teaching. It's a passion. God has given me a gift."

He is the humble Senior Pastor Fred Luter, Jr. under whose vision and leadership Franklin Avenue Baptist Church has grown from a membership of 65 members on roll to its current membership of 7000 plus worshippers. Despite the growth of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, Pastor Luter has remained a humble man. He says he is able to be humble for many reasons.

"I know my background. I have not accomplished this on my own." Pastor Luter adds, "It was the grace and mercy of God, committed folk, and my wife Elizabeth."

When Pastor Luter attributes his success to God, he is not being modest. It has truly been grace that has brought him this far. Pastor Luter began his career as what he fondly refers to as a street preacher. Before he was called to the FABC pastorate in 1986, he spent his time preaching on different street corners in the "Lower Nine" area where he grew up. Only having received his call to the ministry three years earlier, the members of FABC elected him pastor even though he had no pastoral experience.

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