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The DMWC Story

From the Crutes' basement to a hotel, and from a hotel to a local movie theater, God added those committed to the vision Pastor Crute declared. The church officially launched as Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church in 1997 but still had no place to permanently call home. In early 1998, after weeks of prayer and fasting, the leadership identified a commercial plaza in Marietta as Destiny's new home. 

In 2003, the church acquired the current multipurpose property with 127,000 square feet of building on 12.7 acres of land. The first service in this building was on Easter Sunday in 2005.

Since its beginning, Destiny has been a different type of church. Pastor Crute set out to attract people who had experienced and rejected church for its meaningless formalities. Mrs. Crute led the congregation in worship that was electric, leading people in vigorously expressing their hearts to God. Pastor Crute's messages compelled people to an unwavering standard of holy living. 

Destiny's message of maximizing potential for God's Glory has transformed countless lives. The gospel of Jesus Christ is preached here with practical application, yet without compromising the intricacies of the God of the Bible. With a commitment to building strong families, Destiny, under Pastor Crute's teaching and example, has presented a model of purpose-driven living that has as its goal reaching more people with the love of Jesus Christ everyday. 

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Sunday's Morning Services:

  • Sunday Service Times: 8:00am, 10:15am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm

  • Midweek Service Time: Wednesday, 7:00pm

  • Corporate Prayer: 1st Saturday of every month, 7:00am

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About the Pastor
Dr. Bryan E. Crute

Dr. Bryan E. Crute
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