City Harvest Church

City Harvest Church


Rising from obscurity to a faith phenomenon today, City Harvest Church (CHC) was birthed to be a blessing to God and to the lost. Each weekend, the church's 15 worship services, close to 800 cell groups and 5 support fellowships touch a multitude of hearts across varying demographics in Singapore. And its live webcast reaches millions more globally.

A clear mandate for missions translates into teams of full-time and lay missionaries sent out annually. They reached 82 cities in 2012. To date, CHC's School of Theology has equipped close to 5,937 students from over 30 countries with a passion for the Word and a heart for the harvest. And CHC's vision for strong local churches has resulted in 48 branch and affiliate ministries as well as 2 Bible schools globally.

Service Times
  • Saturdays at 5pm
  • Sundays at 10am

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About the Pastor
Kong Hee

Kong Hee
REVERENCE AND RELEVANCE. These two words encapsulate the crux of Kong Hee‘s life-transforming message to the masses: “Loving God Wholeheartedly and Loving People Fervently.”

There is much value in the simplicity of this maxim that effectively demonstrates the vertical aspect of the Cross—having a deep relationship and reverence for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; as well as the horizontal aspect—stepping out of the confines of our personal needs to meet the needs of others.

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