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About the Church

The Berean Christian Church exists to bring glory and honor to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ by cultivating committed Christians to minister through Worship, the Word, and Witnessing, to its congregation, community, city, county, country, and other continents.

The Berean Christian Church will fulfill its mission by cultivating committed Christians to minister in this six-fold manner:

B uilding up Leaders
E quipping the Laity
R eaching the Lost
E xalting the Lord
A dvancing by Learning
N urturing through Love


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About the Pastor
Kerwin Lee

Kerwin B. Lee
Dr. Kerwin B. Lee is the Senior Pastor and Founder of the Berean Christian Church in Stone Mountain, Georgia, a ministry that began in 1996 and has grown from 200 individuals to more than 7000 active members. In 2006, he established a second location in Snellville, Georgia, which has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception. His charismatic personality, contagious humor and attitude have attracted people to his ministry from all over the world.

Pastor Kerwin Lee is also the founder of "A Word for the Times" ministries and his first book was entitled "Winning the Battle Over Negative Emotions". His passion and commitment is to help others understand the Word of God in practical everyday language. He has a television and internet ministry that reaches people nationally and internationally. He is happily married to his wife Yolanda and they have two sons, Kerwin, II and Kernard.